National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC)

In October 2013, I was able to attend the NRMC in North Texas at their Royal Rangers Lakeview camp ground.  Just to give you a little background, I have been in Rangers for about 20 years.  I had been to NTC years ago.  I really was not all that interested in going to NRMC, for me, personally, but I wanted to see what the excitement was about.   Since I am the Senior Commander of the Outpost, I was very motivated to get the other Ranger Commanders from the Outpost to the camp.  I started working on them and reminding them about a year in advance.  The effort paid off, 6 of the 7 total commanders from our Outpost attended camp.  None of them had been to NTC in the past, so this was all new for them.  Looking back, it is a shame that NRMC is called a Rangers camp.  It is really a hands on highly motivational men’s retreat.  It includes great activities, competition, new skills and spiritual training.  The men that do not attend this camp are missing out.  You do not need any camping skills; you do need to be able to borrow some camping gear though.  The camping part is very easy, skills wise.  What you do not know, you will be taught, and it is not difficult.  No secrets and no tricks.

Why do you need to go and why am I glad I did go?  The camp challenged me.  It challenged me mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.  Through those challenges, I grew in all 4 ways.  I had the opportunity to watch men “get it” to “get Royal Rangers”.  I watched the light come on and their eyes light up.  We read about Rangers and we take classes to help us get skills to use in Rangers but it takes NRMC to “get it”.  We have all heard Doug Marsh give us his vision for Rangers.  If you come to NRMC, you see and participate in the vision while it is put into action and watch it bear fruit.  You watch it bear fruit in men and I was part of it.  It was exciting, intoxicating and an honor.  The vision becomes tangible and the goals obtainable.  I watched men “get it” and I watched God fire them up and fire me up.  It was a great camp and a great experience.  Not just a great Rangers experience, it was a great men’s experience.  Sometimes, I think we get so focused on serving the boys that we forget that we are boys, just larger, and we need to be challenged and need an adventure.  We need an adventure to take them on!

Would I go again?  YES!  Should you go?  YES!  Quit making excuses and finding reasons not to go.  Put it on your calendar, and make it happen.  Get to one of these camps.  It will never just fit into your schedule because you happen to have some extra time.  You will have to make the time and it will be worth the effort!  Come to NRMC to be refreshed, focused, empowered and excited about serving God and discipling boys and young men.

Your Brother in Christ,

Ken Porter

Deputy Director

South Texas District Royal Rangers

Deputy Sectional Director

San Antonio Section

Senior Commander

Outpost 68

Windsor Park A/G

San Antonio TX


Royal Rangers Gold MedalRoyal Rangers Gold Medal of Achievement

This is just a reminder that the Royal Rangers will have their Award Ceremony this Sunday the 22nd at 5 pm.  We will be awarding many patches for lots of hard work.  Please come out and support the Rangers and cheer for the boys!




The Code….

When I was a boy and then a young man, I used to day dream about heroes, knights, cowboys, samurai, and military heroes. Killing the bad guys and saving the day, sometimes saving the girl, sometimes there was not a girl, I just whooped the bad guys and went off into the sunset. I liked being the hero, having an adventure and saving the day. I even decided at one point, as a teenager, I wanted to be a knight. So I looked into it. I learned that being knighted is a very tough thing, especially as a US citizen. That led me to the knighthoods in the Catholic Church. I decided I wanted to be a member of the Knights Templar, and then I learned they are gone. Then a Knight Hospitaller was the next choice. Over time I learned that the Knights Hospitallers used a Maltese Cross as their symbol. They teach that the eight points of the cross represent the beatitudes from Mathew 5:1-12. Because this is history there is always debate, about the details. That debate, about the details, does not matter for this post. What matters is that boys want a code to live by, they want to be heroes. They want to serve a higher cause, to have an adventure and to make a difference. This is a major reason video games are such a powerful force in our society. The challenge, the adventure, the camaraderie, and most of all the VICTORY is all found in the make believe world of video games. The use of the knighthood as a model to raise young men is laid out very well in Robert Lewis’s book “Raising a Modern Day Knight”. It’s a great book and you should read it if you have sons, or even grandsons…..better yet, read it if you know a boy or two. The point to all of this is that the Royal Rangers code is eight points: the same as the Maltese Cross. It is represented by the eight blue points on the Royal Rangers Emblem. The Royal Rangers Code is: “A Royal Ranger is: Alert, Clean, Honest, Courageous, Loyal, Courteous, Obedient, and Spiritual”. It is and can be a knight’s code, a hero’s code. That code is a core set of beliefs, that when applied to your life and lived out, will make you, your son, or the boy in your life a knight, and a hero to some. No I did not say it would be easy. It is worth doing though, and doing well, we need heroes now more than ever!

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Commander Ken

220px-Maltese_cross.svgRoyal Rangers logo

EDGE13 Gives Pastor Medal to our Pastor Corder

pastor corder royal ranger award

From the South Texas Royal Rangers Facebook post: “Pastor Stephen Corder receives a Pastor’s Medal for his steadfast support of the Royal Rangers Ministry through the years. He also delivered a stirring sermon to the assembled at EDGE13”. Image via STXRR Facebook.

STXRR EDGE Conference Awards

This past Friday, August 2, 2013, at the South Texas District Royal Rangers EDGE Conference, five adult Ranger leaders and one junior leader received awards for their time, effort and dedication to Royal Rangers Outpost 68.

The Outpost Leadership Award is for group commanders who have demonstrated outstanding ability in achieving the goals of the Royal Rangers ministry at the Outpost level.  This means they wear their uniforms, are prepared for class, are consistently at events and actively tell the story, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are passionate about servant leadership and discipling young men.  These men are the cream of the crop!  The South Texas District Royal Rangers honored:

  • Steve Gonzalez – Expedition Rangers Commander (9th – 12th grade)
  • Emmanuel Lopez – Discovery Rangers Commander (3rd – 5th grade)
  • Robert Muchow – Discovery Rangers Commander (3rd – 5th grade)
  • Don Lyons – Adventure Rangers Commander (6th – 8th Grade)

Also honored at the STXRR EDGE Conference was Trenton Lyons.  He received the Junior Leaders Service Award.  This award is given to Junior Commanders, Asst. Senior Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders and Asst. Patrol Leaders.  It is awarded to young men that are focused and passionate about their service to Royal Rangers.  Trenton currently serves as the Senior Patrol Leader for Outpost 68.  He has completed his Gold Medal of Achievement and it will be awarded on September 22, 2013.  This summer Trenton completed Advanced Junior Training Camp, increasing his leadership knowledge and skills.  Trenton is also very involved in the BOLD Youth Group at Windsor Park Assembly.  In case he has free time, he plays soccer and directs plays at his high school, Cornerstone Christian Academy.

The final person honored at the STXRR EDGE Conference was Ken Porter.

Ken was awarded the Outpost Coordinators Award.  This award is given to the Senior Commander or Outpost Coordinator that develops his total Outpost.  This includes involvement with all levels of Royal Rangers (Outpost, Sectional, District and National) helping the men and boys in the Outpost to advance in their training and skills.  Setting goals and encouraging the Outpost to excel and reach more men and boys for Jesus Christ.

Ken also received the District Executive Leadership Award.  This award is for all organizational leaders who serve on the District Royal Rangers executive team and have demonstrated outstanding ability in achieving the goals of the Royal Rangers ministry.  It includes large event promotion, organization, logistics planning and training at the District level.  It required active participation at the national level so that the vision of the national leaders can be implemented.

We are also proud to announce that Pastor Stephen Corder from Windsor Park Assembly of God, the church with a heart, received the Pastor’s Award at the STXRR EDGE conference.  This is awarded to Pastors in honor and appreciation of their support for Royal Rangers.  Pastor Corder has been a passionate supporter of mentoring and discipling boys in a way that patterns the example set by Jesus Christ, and Royal Rangers matches that pattern.

Tomorrow’s Leaders…Today’s Royal Rangers

tomorrow's royal rangers

Generation Limbo, Lost?

Every generation has its challenges. This article was sent to me by Commander Ken, and it explains the critical point that our children are facing in regards to their future and the search for a career/job. Its no secret that its hard to find a job, and the discouragement is enough to watch them go into hiding? According to author Mike Zielenziger, during Japan’s recession in the 1990’s, “more than one million simply withdrew from society”.

We can’t be defeated, and we can’t raise our children to be defeated because things don’t work out to our standards.  The American Dream has always been faced with danger, hard work and the unknown.

“History teaches us that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Some of the greatest inventions and leaders emerge during troubled times. Let’s seize the day and get these young people ready to do just that”.  Tim Elmore- You can read the full article here.

Cristina Riojas, still looking for that one perfect job.